Story BehindSuperfoods and helicopters. Our story tells you how it goes together.

Alexander Neumann, CEO of 2KIQ and helicopter pilot, worked on international humanitarian relief missions, in Haiti, Kenya and Republic of South Sudan and other countries. He flew for Non governmental Organizations (NGO) like Medicines sans frontieres, International committee of red cross, and Ein Herz für Kinder.

Shifts of up to 12 hours without enough breaks and food were not uncommon. The situations were aggravated by the heat Partly up to 60 degrees in the cockpit. Flying and especially ensuring a safe landing in buried? and remote areas or in areas WHwith an ongoing civil war required Alexander’s utmost concentration.

Moreover, Alexander took the responsibility for passengers on board plus the mission to supply needy people with medicine, food and other relief goods. The ferry flights from Germany to Africa wer not less demanding or challenging. There was no chance to think of …. of enough breaks, or natural diets? during the several day flights.

To remain awake and concentrated during the humanitarian aid missions, he consumed up to seven common? energy drinks per day. Very quickly Alex suffered from poisoning symptoms like nausea, dizziness, trembling, insomnia and rapid heartbeats.

During the following missions he tried to mix himself a natural alternative based on a wide variety of mineral vitamin- and nutrientpowders. At that time He also consumed superfoods for the first time. And who would be surprised: While being in Africa he tried African superfoods, too. Alexander mixed the dietary supplements with green and black tea (for the needed amount of caffeine) shortly before consuming. The effort required was immense. Too immense.



Why not creating a natural and energizing stimulant?!

The idea of ENERGIELIEBE was born.

Alex then intensively dealt withthe behavior? and effects of vitamins and minerals. He learned about different speeds of degradation and that some disappear when dissolved or that they can have a negative impact on the taste. Therefore, he created a 2-component energy drink which supplies him and you with the best and most important nutrients and vitamins as well as natural caffeine. It tastes great and gives you power.

Energieliebe: You will definitely get what is written on the label– not what was inside at the day of bottling.