Die Superfoods in Energieliebe:


Acai Berries

This vitamin bomb comes from the acai palm tree which is native? In Central and South America. It is one of the healthiest berries you will find. The tropical fruit is rich in vitamin A, C and E and it stimulates the metabolism. The acai berries stands out because of its… by their high content of calcium and iron, vegetable fats and proteins. Due to the high amount of antioxidants, which are true miracle weapons against free radicals, the berries are a powerful cell protection. This fact is why the Acai Berry is also called “beauty-food” and it is often used as ‘wrinkle killer’.


Goji Berries

This little magical fruit comes from China where it has a history as a medicinal plant for thousand of years. Goji berries are a fantastic source of vitamins and minerals like vitamin A, B, C, E, fiber, zinc and antioxidants. They will boost your immune system, protect your from flues, it helps against diabetes and gives you a brighter skin. It also contains more iron than spinach (Popeye would love it!) and it is a rich source of the unique phytonutrients and the antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin. Both of them are important for your eyes and nervous system. Additionally, it promotes a healthy intestinal flora and helps you to detox your body the detoxification of the body.



Moringa is a top class superfood. This is why the tree, which is growing in Africa, Asia and Latin America, is also called „Wonder Tree“. Moringa is bursting with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and dietry fibres. Almost every part of the Moringa tree is edible and supplies you with numerous nutrients.Moringa provides us with an outsanding amount of calcium, iron potassium, beta carotene, magnesium and vitamin C, E, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7 B12 an K1. Furthermore it has the antioxidant zeatin, which is contributing in the skin regeneration and ist also slows donw the aging process. The true all-rounder Moringa is rich in antioxidants and has a high content of the cancer-inhibiting senfölgykosides.



Our Favorite! Baobab is the fruit of Africa’s “Tree of Life” also called monkey bread, it can reach up to 25 meters and can get thousands of years old. As well as its other superfood colleagues, the baobab seed has an antioxidant effect. It is rich in fiber, iron, calcium, vitamins C, B1 and B6. The fruit of the monkey bread contains a lot of potassium which strengthens the musculature and nerve system. Baobab lowers the risk of inflammation, strengthens the immune system, helps to relieve stress, it stimulates the metabolism and beautifies the skin. It helps against? arthrosis, diabetes, asthma, colds, stomach problems, inflammations and, and, and…