It is said that our recipe is several thousand years old. Unfortunately, the ancient scrolls havenít been easy to decipher. This is why the following myths of the drinks genesis have been circulating ever since:

MYTH I Afrika

According to this myth, the creator of the drink spent a whole year in Africa without sleeping. He kept himself awake just by consuming Baobab, Moringa and Goji-Berry. #provetheopposite #badlie #gooddrink May contain traces of myths.


There is the myth which claims that the drink was created after? the recipe of ancient secret societies. You want to have a proof that our Energieliebe contains secret super powers? OKAY: If you sum up all single letters of #superfoods in our #powerpoweder Baobab, Moringa and Goji-Berry, you get 23. 23! The number of Illuminati. Coincidence? We donít think so. #illuminateyourself #secretinside

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